Roulette Playing Strategies Tips and Tricks

One of the most popular games in American and European casinos seems to be the game of Roulette. Although Roulette is a game of chance and requires a good amount of luck and guessing skills to win, some people argue that there are indeed certain playing strategies by which you can get an edge over the others. Examine the Roulette playing strategies here and find out if they are really working.

One of the easiest but more tedious playing strategies of Roulette is called the number tracking. In this playing strategy it is best to actually observe before you play. This is where the tediousness starts, because you have to track at least a hundred games before actually being able to make a winning bet out of this playing strategy. The goal is to watch the Roulette game for at least a hundred times and track the number that comes out the most. If a number is repeated very often within a hundred spins, then this Roulette wheel might be biased, which means that the ball always tends to land on a certain number because the wheel might not be quite even etc.

Another playing strategy in Roulette is called the Martingale system. This playing strategy can become quite dangerous so you should set yourself a losing boundary before actually embarking on this Roulette playing strategy. This strategy starts out with a $1 bet for example, if your first bet wins, you continue with the $1, but if you lose this bet, then you continue with $2 and so on. This means that when you actually win the $2, you get the $1 that you lost previously back. As you see, this Roulette playing strategy can easily suck you into a hole wherein you lost too much money already, so treat this strategy with care and observation.

The third Roulette playing strategy is something we would like to call tracking the Croupier's Signature. Every Roulette croupier has a signature way of spinning and placing the ball, which can be tracked. You can thus easily calculate the probability of the resulting number by calculating the speed and the timing. This Roulette playing strategy is best utilized through tracking the croupier, that is why we named it such, and observing the croupier for some time before actually making a bet. This Roulette playing strategy is absolutely legal and cannot easily be tracked like card counting or other winning strategies.

The most important factor in Roulette playing strategies is patience and observation so that you can get the big win in the end. You can choose one of these strategies and make them work for yourself so that you will walk out of the Roulette table as the winner.